About Us at Fullerton Cameras

We are here to be your local full service camera store. We are photo enthusiasts ourselves and we love talking photography. Whether it be lenses, flashes, or digital megapixals, we are here to listen and help you with your needs.

Owner / Photographer

Mike Rice

Mike has been working in the photo industry for over twenty-five years. He is an avid nature and sports photographer. He has extensive knowledge in collectables, 35mm, medium and large format photography. After having worked for Canon Cameras as a Technical and as a Sales Representative, he opened his own store to give the public the service that was not available out in the retail arena.


Manager / Photographer

Chris Tennyson

Chris has worked in the photography industry for the past 18 years and has been involved in photography for over 18. He is a graduate of Cal State University, Fullerton with a Bachelors degree in Photo communications and is familiar with all types of cameras including 35mm, medium format, and large format. He is well versed in all aspects of digital photography and is able to answer questions ranging from cameras to scanners and printers as well as Adobe Photoshop. More of Chris’ photography can be found at www.christennyson.com


Salesman / Photographer

Joshua Ferguson

Joshua has been the resident Nikon shooter in the store for over 7 years. He deals with sales and various Minion-based tasks around the shop.